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Membership Information

Prospective Member:

Interested in becoming a member of the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter, Inc., IWLA?

Become a member in 4 easy steps:

1) You must attend a 3-hour New Member Orientation Class.

  • A reservation is required through SignUpGenius, please click this link.
  • For dates/times please reference the link above or visit our chapter calendar.

2) Pay your $190 initiation fee + yearly membership fee during the New Member Orientation Class.

  • Individual memberships are $211 (1 Range Badge)
  • Family memberships are $310.50 (includes 2 Range Badges & both individuals MUST be over the age of 18)
    •  Only checks, cash or credit card payments through PayPal are accepted.

3) Attend General Membership meeting to be voted in.

4) Complete 6 hours of Service to the Chapter within a specified time period to be provided your Permanent Range Badge.

  • This can involve grounds maintenance, range maintenance, project service etc. or indoor services.


What the chapter has to offer:

  • An Olympic Archery range
  • A shotgun range with 4 fields (1 trap only and 3 skeet or trap)
  • An indoor 26 position indoor air gun range
  • A 17-point outdoor rifle and pistol range with target placements at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards
  • An indoor archery range
  • Three outdoor field archery ranges (two 14-point walking and one sighting-in ranges that also includes a crossbow sighting station)
  • A catch-and-release pond for fishing and campgrounds
  • Picnic areas with pavilions, a playground, and a playing field

To use the facilities you need to be a member, an escorted guest of a member, or be attending an open public/special event, such as:

  • Our annual ladies-only “Women on Target” event
  • A monthly bull’s-eye pistol match
  • A monthly air pistol match
  • A seasonal monthly Service Rifle match
  • A monthly Bull Run Muzzle loaders shoot
  • High Power rifle practice
  • Amateur Trapshooting Association or National Skeet Shooting Association ‘registered target’ shoots
  • A junior in one of our Youth Activities programs
  • NOVA Sharpshooters team for international air pistol
  • Junior Olympic Archery Development

Members have use of firearm Ranges only when Range Safety Officers are present.  Range Qualified Members may bring a guest up to three times a year.  Please note:  some ranges will have a guest fee.  Range Qualified members may bring their immediate family members as a guest an unlimited number of times and family members are not charged guest fees.

To become a member, you must first attend a New Member Orientation Class.  Classes are usually held on the first Saturday of each month, October thru June. These classes will inform you about our Chapter, facilities and procedures.  The orientation class lasts about three hours and will cover the history and goals of the organization, our range safety rules and procedures, and basic information about our facilities and events.  A reservation is required.  (click on the SignUpGenius button to make reservation). The Arlington-Fairfax Chapter, Inc., IWLA is limited to 2200 active memberships, and typically reaches that cap within a few classes each season.

  • Membership includes use of the facilities for members of your household when accompanied by you.
  • We also have Family memberships as defined as two adults (18 or older) living in the same household.
  • Prospective members should bring a check or cash for their initiation fee and first year’s membership dues.
  • Annual membership period runs from January 1 to December 31.
  • Dues are pro-rated semi-annually, determined by the month you join.


FAQ and answers:

How much is it to join? 

  • Membership dues vary according to age, location, and volunteer hours (discounts).
    • Individual membership (one range badge) is $211 per year before any discounts.
    • Family membership (two range badges) is $310.50 before any discounts.
    • All new members must pay a one time $190 initiation fee to cover the costs of building maintenance and grounds upkeep.  Keep in mind, your dues are the only fees as a member, there are no range fees when using the facilities.  (You’re responsible for your own consumables … targets, ammo, etc.)

Are “service hours” required?

  • Yes … each new member must contribute 6 hours of service to Chapter. This can involve grounds maintenance, range maintenance, project service etc or indoor service such as helping out at New Member Orientations or assisting the staff with membership processing or just cleaning the Chapter house.

Do I have to qualify for each individual range?

  • No, once you qualify for your Range Badge, you are able to use any range.

Can my spouse and /or kids come with me?

  • Range Qualified Members can bring any and all immediate family members. All range rules still apply and the Range Badge holder must be present .

Can my spouse or children attend on their own?

  • Yes …. And No ….. our Chapter offers an option where you can purchase two Range Qualified memberships. That means that each of the badge holders can attend a range on their own AND can bring a guest.  Range Qualified badge holders MUST be 18 years of age or older.

How often are payments due?

  • Dues are annual, all dues must be paid by December 31 every year. (Late fee applies after December 31.

Where do I get more information?

OR you can call the office at 703-631-4495 to leave a message and a contact number for us to call you back when we are in the office.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

  • We do accept credit cards, and PayPal, however there are fees charged by our vendors.


For more information, please contact the Membership Director, Benn Crandall at