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Facilities Use Request

The ARL-FX Chapter is not a commercial facility, we allow the use of our facilities by non-profits, youth groups and our members. 


  • Be respectful of the chapter property.
  • Speed limit on Chapter property is 10 MPH.
  • Take ALL trash with you and deposit in the appropriate trash receptacle.
    • Do not leave trash in campground(s), pavilion(s), or chapter facility(s).
  • Fires should only be built in existing fire pits.
  • Do not burn anything in the fire pits or grills other than wood, charcoal or kindling.
  • Do not burn cans or bottles.
  • Do not leave food in fire pits or on grills.
  • Do not throw rocks on the pavilion’s roof.
  • Do not tear down signs, dig holes or otherwise damage the Chapter property.
  • Shooting is prohibited anywhere on chapter grounds except at the designated shooting ranges.
  • Make sure when you leave, the area is cleaner than when you arrive.
  • NO child or group of children can be left unsupervised. 
  • NOTE: Firewood for campground firepits. There are times when there may be firewood available at the campground.  If there is, it will be located near campsite 1 & 2.  Otherwise, you will need to supply your own if wishing to build a fire.
    • DO NOT take the stacked/split wood that is being sold (located near large pavilion).

PETS or ANIMALS - Per the Ground Rules listed in the chapter bylaws booklet - Pets or animals brought to the property shall be on a leash at all times.  No animals will be allowed in the buildings except service dogs.

NOTE: If you see any issues/damage to the property, please let us know immediately by emailing

IMPORTANT: Use of outhouses:  Septic tanks are used for the outhouses on the property. Trash (plastic bottles, bags, etc.) should never be disposed of in an outhouse for any reason. Trash clogs the septic tank and the Chapter has to pay to get it cleared. Groups may be charged these costs if the septic tank becomes clogged while they use the property.



Facility Use Requests: 

For Chapter Family Requests:

  • Group No larger than your immediate family (living in the same household)
  • No Group Activities Permit is needed.  
  • Check the Chapter online calendars to see if the facilities you are interested in are already reserved.
  • Send email request to Chapter Calendar for approval and to be added to the chapter calendar.
    • Include: Facility(s) being requested, number of immediate family members,  dates and verification that you have reviewed the online chapter calendar for availability.


For Chapter Members (group larger than your immediate family (living in the same household)) or non-profit and youth groups:

  • You will need to get approval from our Board of Directors. 
    • This is only done at a Board of Directors meeting (held the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Chapter Field House).
  • Check the Chapter online calendars to see if the facilities you are interested in are already reserved.  
  • All Scouting activities must first be approved by our Scout Coordinator, Tom Pike.
  • To request to be on the agenda for the next BOD meeting, please email the chapter secretary (Click here for chapter contact page) and the Chapter Calendar
  • Be sure to bring a check(s) for use of the field house and/or the security deposit.
  • Note: All forms and Designated Director signatures MUST be completed before requesting approval at a Board of Directors (BOD) meeting.
    • Note: Each participant should have a completed Hold Harmless form completed and take to each of the range they are participating at.

Bring the COMPLETED Group Activities Permit and Checklist to the Board of Directors meeting. Ensure that you are ready when you come to a Board meeting.

  • IF you are not PREPARED, you will be required to return to a Board meeting at a later date to present your request to the BOD for approval.


Links to documents:

Campus Map & Amenities

Group Activities Permit Checklist *updated 10/06/2023

Group Activities Permit *updated 10/06/2023

Hold Harmless

Outhouse Maintenance *NOTE - The outhouse maintenance form has now been combined with the Group Activities Permit.


Shenandoah County Property

The chapter owns 50+ acres in the Shenandoah Co. area that is used for hunting.  Members can request a permit to hunt on this property.  This was acquired in 1997 from the closure of the Annandale-Springfield Chapter, IWLA.

For information on the Shenandoah County Property click HERE.