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U.S. Archery Instructor Training

The U.S.Archery Level 1 Instructor Training provides students with an introduction to the National Training System (NTS) Steps of Shooting for both recurve and compound bows. In addition, the class covers equipment and accessory setup, steps of shooting, athlete development, and events. The class is an 8-hour course. The Level 2 Instructor Training Certification covers the Level 1 topics in greater detail and prepares the student with effective coaching methods. Graduates of the Level 2 Archery Instructor Certification Course are prepared to serve as the lead instructor for long-term programs such as Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD), Adult Archery Programs, and collegiate Archery. This class is an 8-hour course. Classes are held once or twice a year at the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter, Inc., Indoor Archery Range. No prior experience or training is required. For more information, scheduling times, and locations please contact the Target Archery Director.