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Knife Club


The IWLA ARL-FX Chapter’s Knife Club is an energetic group of knife, ax, tomahawk, and multitool enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their passions for steel! The Group meets periodically (mostly on a quarterly basis) at different locations around the Chapter’s property, hosting such events as favorite user or collector blade ‘Show Off’s’, Knife, Ax, and Tomahawk Carry and Safe Use Workshops, and Scout Jamboree Knife/Hatchet Safety classes. Recently, the Club has also included Member Workshops in survival fire-prep and fire-starting, knife and ax sharpening and care classes, tomahawk throwing (at the Club’s throwing station), knife defensive training, and other Survivalist skill training.

The Knife Club is hosted by Lt.Col. Matt Michaelson, USA (Ret.). For any questions or inquiries about the Club, please contact Matt directly at

All planned events will be included in the chapter online calendar along with posted at the chapter.