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Awards & Grants

The Awards & Grants Committee is chartered to identify awards & grants that the chapter may apply to receive. The committee will provide assistance and tracking for all these activities and report to the Board of Directors on activities. The committee will maintain current copies of many of the documents required for applications. We will also maintain a calendar to assist applicants with reminders of time windows required to apply and make reports.

Current committee members:

  • Chair - Scott Meyer
  • Member - Pamela Meara

For more information or if you are interested in becoming a member of the committee, please contact Awards & Grants Chair, Scott Meyer 703-631-4495 or Email:

Recent Grants received:

       Chapter Discipline        Organization        Date
AIM Youth Shotgun Friends of the NRA (FONRA) Jan 2019
AIM Youth Shotgun IWLA Endowment July 2018
Air Range Friends of the NRA (FONRA) Jan 2018
AIM Youth Shotgun Friends of the NRA (FONRA) Jan 2018



Chapter VIP Awards:

This award was established in 2016 to recognize and award those volunteers who spend a lot of their time in assisting the chapter. Five nominations by the BOD can be awarded each year.

      Year(S)        Name(S)
2018 Leroy Anderson
2018 Chuck Green
2018 Phil Spectre
2018 Bob Walla
2017 Steve Canale
2017 Randy Hancock
2017 Rick Kohne
2017 Tom Pike
2017 Al Talacek

Special Volunteer Award:

In 2018 a Special Volunteer Award was given to the 5 individuals who have assisted with the Chapters Annual Underprivileged Children's Christmas party.

Debbie Henningson
Amanda Miller
Terri Perry
Linda Riemer
Brian Talbot



       Year(S)        Award Name(S)
2018 Chapter Efficiency Award
2017 Chapter Efficiency Award



      Year(S)        Judge John W. Tobin Chapter Appreciation Award
2018 Gilbert Ramey
2018 John Seaberg
2017 Roger Thrasher
2017 Rene Winnik


Year(S)        Defenders Chapter Achievement Award
2018 Defenders Chapter Achievement Award
2017 Defenders Chapter Achievement Award


Year(S)        Best Chapter Newsletter for chapters with 500 or more members
2017 Best Chapter Newsletter for chapters with 500 or more members